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If you work in an open office space or in an educational setting, then you probably understand that privacy can be hard to obtain. Teachers are finding the attention of students more easily diverted from tasks and employees find that distractions in the workplace are on the rise.  Whatever the distraction, those affected look for solutions that can be implemented immediately.  Fortunately, there are desk dividers. These fixtures provide instant privacy and allows for a more focused work environment. With all the various styles, shapes, and designs, finding the right model becomes a breeze.


What desk dividers are right for you?

Before choosing the right set-up, you should asses the space you have and your budget. Because of the variety of desk divider options, we offer a few easy steps to choosing the perfect model for you.

1. How much space do you have?

If your in a tight work space with multiple desks you may have a small amount of space available. A portable desk divider or panel may be the set-up for you.

2. How much are you willing to spend?

You may have a particular budget for your new office upgrade. You shouldn’t worry if you can’t spend much. There are tons of options and the pricing ranges from  $20 to $100’s. Come up with a figure that your comfortable with and then move forward.

Now that you have narrowed your search criteria, let’s take a look at some potential options that will improve your office space.

Office Solutions that work!

So you want to gain a little extra privacy without having to spend too much money. A free-standing partition with a tri-fold design is a great choice. This particular model is portable, light weight, and comes in various colors.

Another great design is the aluminum divider. This model has an aluminum frame with a plexi-glass top section.  With a two-sided tackable center and easy mounting capabilities, this divider provides an easy solution with dual functions.

There are many more models and designs available. Please read the other articles to learn more about specific solutions.

Today’s work places call for a lovelier environment and the many materials used to make the desk dividers add to the surroundings.  Natural materials like glass and wood contribute to a sense of lightness and airiness.  Plastics liven up a work place with color and personality which is pleasant to workers and visitors alike.  The productivity of workers significantly increases when surrounded by a more enjoyable atmosphere.

Privacy issues arise wherever desks are placed in close proximity to each other.  Whether in school or in the office, productivity can be slashed by both auditory and visual distractions.  The use of desk dividers brings control back into a distracting environment and facilitates better use of time and energy.